Pizza Night on the cheap!

I am really fascinated with finding the cost of every meal because I think people are just wrong with how much it cost to eat real food. Tonight me did tortilla pizzas. Its a pretty simple thing. Tortillas on a cookie sheet with all your fixing, baked in the oven at 350 for about 8 minutes (my oven runs cold, so you might not need so long).

Now lets look at how much this cost (again, I will round some numbers up).

1 pack of 10 tortillas I got at the bread outlet for $1.10

1 bottle of organic pizza sauce that I paid $1.00 for and I used less then a third of the bottle. I will say the cost for this meal is 34 cents.

1 bell pepper I bought in the discount produce section for 33 cents

1/2 an onion  for 19 cents

Six of the pizzas had cheese. I bought the cheese on sale for $3.99 for 2 pounds, that makes the cost for this recipe about 50 cents.

The ones with cheese also had smoked sausage. I got the package for $1.00 and used a third of it, making it 34 cents for this recipe.

Three had no cheese and I used hummus. I bought a 2 pound container for 4.99. I used 1/4 of a cup for all 3 pizzas. That is a cost of 33 cents.

I used Field Roast Sausage on those. A package of 12 cost $12.00. I used only 1, costing $1.00 for this meal.

The total for this meal for my family of 5 is $4.13. That is actually a lot better than I thought. It is interesting to see how cheap you can make a healthy meal. What is your best and healthiest “budget” meal?

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