Seattle’s grocery bag law and what I think Seattle should really do about the trash issue.

In an effort to minimize trash in Seattle, in July 2012 a law was put into effect banning plastic bags in retail locations.

While I think all efforts to conserve are good, banning anything doesn’t work. People don’t like being told what to do. I know I don’t. I am a grown woman, for goodness sakes. Don’t treat me like a child. What, are you going to put me in timeout if I forget my bags while at Nordy’s downtown (not that a shop at Nordstroms, but a girl can dream, right?)?

When you google the ban, you come up with a complicated list of what is ok, what isn’t ok, what they want you to do, what they don’t want you to do. It is ridiculous. I think they expect you to carry reusable bags everywhere you go. Who does that (well, I do that but I am unique)?

Seattle, let’s talk positive reinforcement! I am sure I am not the first to think of this. Tax breaks, maybe? Incentives to business that encourage shoppers to use there own bags. Fred Meyers, for examples, gives me 5 cents a bag for every one I bring and use. Maybe you could give them some of that money back? Just a thought.

What is your 2 cents on the topic? Do you think Seattle made a wise choice? What would you do to lessen the trash in your city?