Thrift Store Finds 10/12/15

I have been avoiding the thrift store because I really want to get rid of stuff. That seems to be a theme in the blogging world right now. I feel like I’m drowning in “stuff” and whenever I take a load to the thrift store, someone gives me more.

I have NEEDED jeans. I had 3 pairs and one was too big and another was starting to get worn out. Can you say “saggy butt?” It was time to bite the bullet and get some new one.

Yesterday was 99 cent day at Value Village, plus Super Saver card holder got 50% off clothes. Sounds like a great day to Jean shop!

I got 4 pairs.

1 pair of Lucky Brand bootcut Jeans. I paid $6.50. They sell on the lucky brand website for $59.40. I did see them as low as $21.68 but I have never bought from this website, so I would be hesitant to purchase them.

1 pair of Abercrombie and Fitch bootcut Jeans. Again, I paid $6.50. These sell for $78 on their website. I found these for $34.95 plus $5.95 shipping.

1 pair of Natural Reflections jeans for $5.00. I had never heard of these but I found them at Bass Pro for $45.99. People are, also, selling them on eBay for about $9.99.

1 pair of Buffalo Jeans David Bitton for $1.99. This seems to be the closest to what I bought on their website, selling for $118.00. They are listed as low as $5 on eBay but you would still have to pay shipping. This is the find of the day.


My son, also, found an Avengers comic for $.99. The price on the cover was $3.99

I found a friend 2 pairs of maternity pants for $.99 each. sell pants as low as $9.99. This is still 10 times what I paid. My daughter got a pair of butterfly wings to wear for $.99. I’m not sure what these are worth but to a 3 year old girl, they are priceless.

The jeans, alone, cost $301.39 full retail. That is HUGE! I would say that this was a good day!


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