Thrift store finds 10/17/15

Today was 50% off everything at St. Vincent de Paul’s and we need winter jackets. So off I went, with all 3 kids.The trip was a partial success. This is what I came across.

Little girl middle weight Columbia jacket $4.00 I found an equivalent on eBay for $19.99 and the listing doesn’t look nearly as nice. I can’t seem to find the equivalent on Columbia’s website right now. It is a little more than a rain coat but less than a winter jacket.

Sessions boys ski/snowboard jacket $5.00

This was an interesting find to research because this company was bought out and then disbanded. There was not a lot out there. Nothing like it came up on eBay but I found a listing on Amazon for the exact same thing, just a different color for $64.95. 

In Defense of Food by Michael Pollen $.85 Amazon has it for a penny.

5 Minute Princess Stories $.40 Again, it is a penny.

The Hardy Boys #12 $.40 Here is the Amazon listing. 

Columbia Boots youth size 6 $4.50 The similar shoes run from $55 to $60 on Columbia’s website. Finding the same thing on eBay was a challenge. What I found ranged from $8.99 – $16.50 plus there would be shipping.

Pokemon shirt $.50 My son is obsessed with Pokemon lately, so I caved when he said he wanted the shirt. It is pretty big so I think it will be awhile till he can wear it. I was surprised to find an eBay listing for $19.

MiniStar baby boots $1.00 I didn’t find anything on Amazon or Target. I found several listing on ebay from $8.81 and up.

Bottle cap belt $1.50 Here is an eBay listing. There was no tag, so I can’t get specific.

Heritage tank top medium $.50 I did a quick search and didn’t come up with anything.

Cute elephant purse $2.50 I found this while searching ranging from $10 to $17.

I think it was a pretty good day. Kids got stuff they needed plus a few fun things. Have you found anything lately?

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