Thrift store finds 6/1/15


I’m not going to do a break down today because none of the finds were “remarkable” by themselves. My youngest needed jammies and I’m trying to collect classics for homeschool reading. Today I bought 30 items for $23. That is 77 cents a piece. I’m happy.


Thrift store finds 4/13/15

Took a quick trip to Value Village this morning to grab a few things. It is 99 cent day plus 50% off jeans for club members. I didn’t find any jeans but found some books and tops.


I checked these on Amazon. The only ones worth anything were The Handbook of Homeopathy, worth $3.73 and I paid $3.99 (ugh) and Healing with Homeopathy, worth $18.04, I paid $2.99 (redeemed). The other 2 were only on sale for a penny on Amazon.


I am getting ready for warmer weather. These were 99 cents. Zappos sell the equivalent of both of these. The Adidas on the left sells for $22 and the Nike on the right sells for $25.
Today, I spent around $20 for everything (there were a couple odds and ends not pictured here) but saved $60.
I wasn’t feeling too good about today because I spent so much (yes, I think  $20 is a lot) but written out, it looks pretty good. 😀

Update: The odds and ends were 3 kids books and 5 articles of clothing for me. That’s 14 items for 20 bucks.

Lots of giveaways

There are a lot of giveaways going on all over the web. Let me try to list some links for you. Maybe you can win some great stuff and come back and tell me.

Gator Mommy has a full list.

Crunchy Livin Mama has a ton also.

Here is a huge baby giveaway that is being sponsored by a lot of bloggers.

Baby Jogger is having a facebook giveaway.

Real Food Family is having a baby carrier giveaway.

We Make 7 is having a cash giveaway. (small but every little bit helps).

Viva Veltoro is having a cloth diaper giveaway. I know she has more going on. You just have to explore.