A Change for Blog

I started this blog 3 years ago hoping to build something of value. That has not quite happened yet. That is ok. I am raising babies, homeschooling growing children, and loving my husband.

I do not have time to do the sewing I want (you know, 2 toddlers). I am trying to get rid of stuff, so thrifting has taken a back burner, unless we need something.

I want to continue blogging and this life style, of using everything to it’s fullest, is very dear to my heart. I plan on posting as I do things pertaining to this life style. There will be a change though.

I have decided to stop blogging about food on this site. It feels inappropriate. I follow a very specific diet that has helped me reverse my depression, clear cystic acne and stop essential tremors. I believe it to be a wise move to start another blog that is solely dedicated to that endeavor and how I make it work.

My new blog is called Vegan for my Wallet. Please hop over and take a look at what I have done so far. Leave me comment and tell me what you would like to see. I appreciate your support and look forward to see you over there. I do have a Facebook page and Instagram account for this new blog as well. Please stop by and give me a follow.


I read something a couple of days ago that has been circulating in my brain that I thought I would share.

There is a blog I read on a fairly regular basis. I don’t want to share what blog it is because it is political and I am afraid it will distract from my point.

My paraphrase of the statement made in the blog is: We try to tear down walls without understanding why the walls are there in the first place.

Now the blogger was trying to make a very specific point but I have been thinking about that idea in a very broad way since I read it.

There are a lot of cultural “walls” we are trying to tear down. There are walls we build in our own life, too. Do we understand their purpose?

We may look at the wall, think about why it is there and come to the same conclusion. That is just fine. There is nothing inherently wrong with removing the divides in our life. It is better to completely understand the situation and then decide if it is a worthy endeavor.

How I got my babies to sleep at night.

It is amazing what can inspire you to write. I have a beautiful friend, with a three-week old that still sleeps mostly during the day. I feel sorry for her. I never really had an issue teaching my 2 babies to sleep at night. That got me thinking, what did I do differently. So here is a short list on what I did and my attitudes on getting my newborns to sleep at night. I’ll add quickly that this is just a list of what worked for me. Pick and choose what you want or use none of it. This was simply me.

First, sleep was a top priority. It may not have been number one but it was up there. I know me and know how much I need. It.

Second, I hate swaddling and so did my babies. They were out of the womb and I didn’t want to imitate that experience. I would wrap them at night but during the day the only reason for a blanket was a really cold room or we were leaving the house.

Another was naked time, or limited clothes during the day. This is when common sense needs to kick in. I had a winter baby (January). I had to be aware that it was cold and I needed to adjust. The point is to have your baby a little uncomfortable during the day. You are not to torture them, but a little uncomfortable is ok.

Floor time was important from the beginning. It doesn’t have to be tummy time, just flat on the floor gives the baby a chance to stretch and use his/her muscles. A playmat is nice for this but a blanket is just fine.

Lastly, for the first several weeks, if not months, there were no naps in the crib or away from the activity or light (literally) of our living room. I did not hush people around the baby. The sleep during the day was never a hard sleep. I wouldn’t poke at her/him to keep them awake but I certainly wouldn’t go out of my way to make it quiet. Night time was really quiet and everyone could sleep soundly.

Now, this isn’t advice to get them to sleep through the night. My last baby didn’t sleep through the night until she was 14 months old, but when she got up, it was for 15 minutes to nurse and that was it. I can think of only a handful of times where my babies would wake up at night and want to play.

I hope this helps anyone who baby wants to sleep only during the day. Was there anything that you did to help your babies sleep at night? I would love to hear it.

What are affiliates?

If you have become a regular reader of the blog, you will notice that I have added “buttons” to the side of the blog.

At the top right, are “affiliates.” Affiliates are, more or less, advertisers. I get a commission off of any purchase or sign up through those links. While, that is not the point of this blog, it does allow me to keep going and to help pay for things  that can improve the blog.

Now some of the companies I already love, and some I chose because they align with my personal beliefs. The companies I haven’t used yet, I plan to.

The top of the list of the ones that I currently use is the Honest Company. I love their cleaning supplies, especially dishwasher detergent. In an effort to save money and be more “green,” I have tried to make my own dishwasher detergent, and have never found anything the works the way I want. I think the Honest Company’s is a fair price and gives me peace of mind. Plus, it does a good job. I, also, use their training pants. I was a cloth diaper mama and still love cloth diapers, They are much harder to use on a very active toddler. I find the Honest Company’s training pant to be a great compromise. I will let you know, though, that they run big. At one time I had to cancel my order because of that (my kids have no butts). When I called and told them that, we had a good laugh about it and then they gave me 10% off my next order. I love their customer service.

The other companies I use regularly are Ebates and Inbox. Ebates give you a percentage back whenever you make a purchase through them. If you have something you want to buy from a particular company, go to Ebates website, find that company and use their link to make your purchase. After you make your purchase you will get money back into your Ebates account and they will send you a check. I don’t remember how often they send you a check, sorry.

Inbox is an easy way to make a little money. I mostly do their paid emails. They send you an email and all you do is click on “confirm email”. Sometimes I do get offers I am really interested in. There is a lot of ways to get paid through Inbox. If you have time, you should really explore all your options. There are surveys, paid videos, games, a search engine, all kinds of stuff. You should check it out and explore. You will never get rich with them, but every little bit helps.

Now, I hope that explains what is going on, on the side of the blog. If you have any question or any thoughts on the companies I have picked, please comment and let me know what you think. I would love to hear from you.


Blogging frustration

Yes, I am blogging about how frustrating blogging can be.

I am not a photographer. They always tell you to add original pictures.

I don’t know how to do anything.

I want to add badges and I can’t figure out. Not because I am not smart enough but because my attention is divided by a almost 2 year old, so retaining what I am reading is difficult.

Plus, it seems all tutorials on anything I want to do are written by experienced blogger who assume you know what you are doing.


Your advise is appreciated. 

A battle of the modern Christian woman…..

We fight many battles. This is one of mine.

I have always had a strong drive to be independent, to be strong, to not have to rely on anyone. This attitude in strongly encouraged by our modern culture. A successful woman is one that does not need anybody to survive. We must make our own way in the world in order to earn anyones respect.

We are told to not respect the man. They don’t deserve it and will keep a good woman down.

In truth, though, we are designed to live an interdependent life, not independent.

I need my husband! I love and massively respect him. He works hard everyday so I can stay home with the kids and be there for them. He sacrifices so he can provide for us.

Now I ask this modern culture, how does that not deserve respect?



I feel like stone. Do you know what I mean?

No I did not say stoned! I am not into drugs, thank you very much. I feel like stone as in a rock.

The world is moving and changing around me. Lives are falling apart and yet I am unmoved. I am shedding no tears or changing my behavior. But I want change!

Dear God,

Change me. I don’t like who I am right now. I want you to change me. I want my heart to beat again for your people. I want to feel their pain. Please put back into me the desire to be a better person and to love the people around me. Please help me to express that love in a way that respects my family. I am not the person I want to be but you can make me into the person I need to be.

I am afraid that some people will call this depression or depressing. It isn’t intended that way. If anything, I want it to be hopeful. In a changing world, there is One that doesn’t change. He can change us, soften our hearts and make us feel the things that need to be felt. I have no self-loathing but I want to feel, again for people.



I am sorry for my absence the last few days.

Last January, we pulled our son from public school. He was having a horrible time. He would come home crying every day. 😦 He was not thriving at all. Plus, some things happened with the school and his teachers, that I will not discuss here, Reclaimed Papa and I decided to pull him. We choose to homeschool him the rest of the year. I am glad we did. There was some healing that needed to be done and he had to be caught up in many areas.

Today, we sent him back to school, a different school. I am a wreck. Yesterday was horrible. He was doing great, though. He reminded me today that he is almost nine and will be fine. I will miss him a ton. It is so quiet here. I pray that he does well, makes friends, and has a great teacher.

So, if I continue to be absent, it is not because I don’t want to write. It is because I am still dealing with him being off at school.

Hit the road…

My poor hubby got in a fender bender about a week ago. No biggie! No one was hurt but that means we are down to one car for a little bit.

This is a great opportunity, though. Without a car, you are reminded of all the gifts God has given you.

The top of the list, is your feet. After a week, we really needed to go grocery shopping. While I could of waited till my hubby got home and went, instead we hit the road. I loaded the stroller with kids and everything, and hoofed it to my local grocery store. It is less then a mile away and it is a fairly flat trek, so off we went. We got $30.00 worth of grocery and made it home with no problem. We got exercise and didn’t use any gas. Now, that is eco-friendly. I forget how easy it is to just walk places. It saves you money and you can’t get much greener then your own two feet.

Since we are stuck at home, I find that we eat better. All the fast food places are too far for me to walk. Even if I decided to go that far, that eliminates one of the main reasons I do fast food, convenience. I hate cooking and love quick and easy. There is nothing quick and easy about walking a toddler a couple of miles just to eat. It is far easier to make something here.

Bonus, we are home and everyone is tired. That lends itself to a quiet and possibly productive afternoon.

What about you? Would you walk a mile to the grocery store?

Being happy with what you have….

It is hard to choose to be happy all the time. I want things. Right now I am consumed with the idea of moving. I am not a fan of my neighborhood. All of my friends live a ways away and I don’t get to see them as often as I want. A bigger yard, for gardening and animals, would be nice.

The truth is, though, I have everything I could ever need. Our house is exactly the kind of house I always wanted. I have 4 nice little garden beds. I have a dog and 5 chickens. My kids are happy kids.

Now, what does this have to do with reclaiming and recycling?

Well, we send a lot of time wanting and not enough time cultivating contentment. I believe that if we spent more time on contentment and gratefulness, we may consume less. We looking around thinking we need to look a certain way, eat a certain thing, and buy everything off the rack to be happy. We need to realize happiness is not an external thing. It is something that happens from the inside out. You have everything you need within you.

What makes you happy? What is your secret to staying happy?