Black Friday at Value Village 11/27/15

Today is Black Friday. Most people went to conventional store to snag deals. Value Village was doing 75% off pants/bottoms till 1PM. I needed sweat pants/lounge pants, so off I went.

These are 100% Linen pants that were $1.50 each. The same pants sell at Nordstrom for $59.oo.

I tried these on and never wanted to take then off. They are by Arden B. These are a challenge to find online. It appears that Wet Seal used to carry them but don’t any longer. You can buy similar one on Thread Up for around $17. I’m not a member, so they wouldn’t let me do a good search. I did find these for $17.50. I paid $2.00.

Victoria Secret Pink Sweat Pants for $1.50. These start at around $42.00 on V.S. Pink website.

Starting at the left is a pair of cropped Aerie sweatpants I bought for $2.00 It is not the season for cropped pants, so online searches are a challenge but I found these on the website for $20.97.

Next is the pink Calvin Klein cropped sweat pants I bought for $1.00. On the C.K. website, they have a pair of cropped sweatpants for $49.00.  Bay does have a pair that is closer to what I bought for $18.95.

The final thing I bought was cropped Aeropostale sweatpants for $1.50. These are very close for $10 on the website.

I spent $12.05 today and bought 7 pairs of pants. This should last me awhile. Did you do any shopping today for Black Friday? What deals did you find?


Cloth diaper math, on the fly!

I was doing laundry and thought I would count the diapers in the load and do the math quickly. I am doing the math for the first time in the post, so if I am not clear, go ahead and comment. Then I can fix it or explain it better.

This load had 28 diapers and 8 “wipes” (I use wash cloths and don’t buy into the idea of needing special cloth wipes, but that is for a different post).

I figure for my toddler, disposable diapers cost, about, 30 cents a piece (some brands more, some a little less but for this post I am saying 30 cents). With that, because of water costs in the wash, it is about a quarter (25 cents) back in my pocket for each cloth diaper used.

In the case of this load, that is $7.00 back in my pocket (I am surprised it worked out that perfect, I didn’t plan that).

Wipes cost a penny or 2 a piece, depending on brand (I like Honest company and theirs are little more). At most that is 16 cent back in my pocket.

I make my own detergent and the cost per load is actually less than a penny, so we will round-up to the penny. The vinegar is probably a couple of cents a load (I have never figured out how much I use per load, it may be time to do that, a gallon of white vinegar only costs $1.50 at our local Costco), so we will say 3 cents for the math for now. A 30 ml bottle of lemon oil (that is about 500 drops) is 10 bucks through Plant Therapy and I use 2 drops a load. It is 2 cents a drop, that is 4 cents a load.

I need to subtract 8 cents for laundry cost.

Math: $7.00 + $.16 – $.08= $7.08

The total I save for this load with 28 diapers and 8 wipes is $7.08. Now I can go on the figure out per week savings compared to disposable but on the fly that feels like a lot. I will say I do at least 2 loads a week of diapers, some weeks 3 loads. It will depend on where the loads fall in the week (and if the little one has had an icky week 😛 ).

What do you think of my math? For us, $7.08 is about 2 dinners. It makes a huge dent. What about in your life? What would 7 dollars back into your pocket every couple of days do for you?


What are affiliates?

If you have become a regular reader of the blog, you will notice that I have added “buttons” to the side of the blog.

At the top right, are “affiliates.” Affiliates are, more or less, advertisers. I get a commission off of any purchase or sign up through those links. While, that is not the point of this blog, it does allow me to keep going and to help pay for things  that can improve the blog.

Now some of the companies I already love, and some I chose because they align with my personal beliefs. The companies I haven’t used yet, I plan to.

The top of the list of the ones that I currently use is the Honest Company. I love their cleaning supplies, especially dishwasher detergent. In an effort to save money and be more “green,” I have tried to make my own dishwasher detergent, and have never found anything the works the way I want. I think the Honest Company’s is a fair price and gives me peace of mind. Plus, it does a good job. I, also, use their training pants. I was a cloth diaper mama and still love cloth diapers, They are much harder to use on a very active toddler. I find the Honest Company’s training pant to be a great compromise. I will let you know, though, that they run big. At one time I had to cancel my order because of that (my kids have no butts). When I called and told them that, we had a good laugh about it and then they gave me 10% off my next order. I love their customer service.

The other companies I use regularly are Ebates and Inbox. Ebates give you a percentage back whenever you make a purchase through them. If you have something you want to buy from a particular company, go to Ebates website, find that company and use their link to make your purchase. After you make your purchase you will get money back into your Ebates account and they will send you a check. I don’t remember how often they send you a check, sorry.

Inbox is an easy way to make a little money. I mostly do their paid emails. They send you an email and all you do is click on “confirm email”. Sometimes I do get offers I am really interested in. There is a lot of ways to get paid through Inbox. If you have time, you should really explore all your options. There are surveys, paid videos, games, a search engine, all kinds of stuff. You should check it out and explore. You will never get rich with them, but every little bit helps.

Now, I hope that explains what is going on, on the side of the blog. If you have any question or any thoughts on the companies I have picked, please comment and let me know what you think. I would love to hear from you.


Another bag! I need your advice!

Okay! So below is another bag made out of a feed bag! I like the design of this 10 times better. It is more functional and sturdy. I would be comfortable selling this one. Now I really need your input. Is there a market for this? Would you spend your hard earned money on it? How much would you be willing to spend? $5? $10? $15?

Here is a link to the original bag I made and the inspiration behind it.


What can I put in the box?

So I have been working on a little project. I am always looking for storage options, so I made this.


Isn’t it cute? Want to see what it really is?



I got a package the other day and the box fit perfectly in that spot. So I am making it more adult. I still want to do the ends but I ran out of Modge Podge.


Value Village 99 cent day

My favorite thrift store day in Monday.

It is $.99 day at my local Value Village.

Today the plan was to hoof it down there and check out what they had. I have found all kinds of great stuff at my local Value Village. I found a great pair of Lucky Jeans that I now wear all the time. I have found a perfectly good bread maker that I used a ton (I have since given it away because I discovered kneadless bread and stopped using it). I have found bestsellers and great gifts, all for $.99.

Now, even the most carefully laid plans can fail. My kids are usual 5AM kids. Today they slept till 8:30. Not complaining about sleeping in but if I am going to the sale, I would rather be there by 9AM when they open. Since we are walkers still, I need more then a half a hour to get ready and walk there.

I would say we can go next week but that will be labor day and it will be insane.

Does your local thrift store have regular sales? If not, you should ask.

I hate baby wipes!

I really hate modern baby wipes.

Have you thought about them in detail? Or have you compared them to using a damp wash cloth?

They are small paper squares. They are covered in chemicals that are meant to help clean, and never really do. I end up using a ton to clean something really small. Have you ever cleaned baby poo off a baby butt? One is never enough! Plus, if your baby has any kind of rash, they will really hurt your baby. And, with all that, you have to keep buying them, over and over and over again. They are just a little money pit.

Now a good wash cloth is always large enough. You can get it as wet or have it as dry as you need. There are no chemicals, just water. They can be as warm or as cold as you need. Baby wipes only come in one temperature, cold. You only ever need one to do the job, not a trash can full. You don’t have to buy them over and over. They are very washable and if you need to you can bleach them to get them really clean.

Is there something in life that is suppose to be more convenient but instead really annoys you? What is it?