Black Friday at Value Village 11/27/15

Today is Black Friday. Most people went to conventional store to snag deals. Value Village was doing 75% off pants/bottoms till 1PM. I needed sweat pants/lounge pants, so off I went.

These are 100% Linen pants that were $1.50 each. The same pants sell at Nordstrom for $59.oo.

I tried these on and never wanted to take then off. They are by Arden B. These are a challenge to find online. It appears that Wet Seal used to carry them but don’t any longer. You can buy similar one on Thread Up for around $17. I’m not a member, so they wouldn’t let me do a good search. I did find these for $17.50. I paid $2.00.

Victoria Secret Pink Sweat Pants for $1.50. These start at around $42.00 on V.S. Pink website.

Starting at the left is a pair of cropped Aerie sweatpants I bought for $2.00 It is not the season for cropped pants, so online searches are a challenge but I found these on the website for $20.97.

Next is the pink Calvin Klein cropped sweat pants I bought for $1.00. On the C.K. website, they have a pair of cropped sweatpants for $49.00.  Bay does have a pair that is closer to what I bought for $18.95.

The final thing I bought was cropped Aeropostale sweatpants for $1.50. These are very close for $10 on the website.

I spent $12.05 today and bought 7 pairs of pants. This should last me awhile. Did you do any shopping today for Black Friday? What deals did you find?

Favorite purse

My favorite purse broke. 😦 image

EPIC! Who ever breaks their purse like this?!? To be fair, I did get this for free in 2010 and have used it every day since. I have been using a different bag for about two weeks and hate it. So, I decided I would fix it. I already had straps from a stuffed My Little Pony backpack we cut off (because they were awful). So, here we go. What do you think? image All better. Can’t wait to load her back up tomorrow. Now, that’s frugal.

Empty EO bottle?

This is my short and frugal tip of the day.

Have an “empty” essential oil bottle?

Open the bottle all the way, including taking off the stopper and put it in a ceramic up.

Boil some water. Once it is boiling, pour the water in the cup. Make sure the bottle fills. Do just enough to cover the bottle.


Now place it in a room and it will diffuse the left over oil and you will still get the benefit from it.

When the water cools, I add it to my ultrasonic diffuser  and continue to use it.

Now the bottle is clean and ready for the recycle. Plus, you didn’t waste a drop! YAY!

5 things I reclaim on on a regular basis

Establishing a habit of reusing is hard in this consumer world. I think we like throwing something out. I know that I feel a sense of accomplishment when I get the last drop of shampoo out of the bottle (lame, I know). Once you start to remember reusing is saving you money, the drive gets higher. Here is a short list of things I reuse on a regular basis.

1. Fabric – I save any fabric. I buy it from thrift stores. I take the pieces other people don’t use. I love to sew and I hate spending money, so rescuing fabric from the trash is an easy way to keep my hobby cheap.

2. Toilet paper rolls – I know it sounds weird, but there are tons of things you can do with toilet paper rolls. Just search toilet paper rolls in Pinterest. I use them to start plants, mostly. Once a plant is large enough to transplant into the ground, I plant the toilet paper rolland everything on the ground.

3. Clothes – I know this is a lot like fabric but my goal is to fix first (or find it a new home if my kid just out grew it). It is amazing how much you can save over time by fixing and not throwing. What can’t be fixed get thrown into the sewing pile.

4. Food – “Food, what?” Yes, you can reclaim food. This happens in a couple ways. All vegetable scraps get put into a coffee can (2 reclaims for the price of one) in the freezer. When the can is full, all the scraps get put in the crockpot and turned into broth. We also have chickens and every bit of food that doesn’t get goes to the chickens.

5. Bags – There are so many things you can do with plastic bags (grocery, bread, etc.). Today I used some for packing material.

What do you reuse on a regular basis? How has repurposing helped you.