Thrift store finds 4/13/15

Took a quick trip to Value Village this morning to grab a few things. It is 99 cent day plus 50% off jeans for club members. I didn’t find any jeans but found some books and tops.


I checked these on Amazon. The only ones worth anything were The Handbook of Homeopathy, worth $3.73 and I paid $3.99 (ugh) and Healing with Homeopathy, worth $18.04, I paid $2.99 (redeemed). The other 2 were only on sale for a penny on Amazon.


I am getting ready for warmer weather. These were 99 cents. Zappos sell the equivalent of both of these. The Adidas on the left sells for $22 and the Nike on the right sells for $25.
Today, I spent around $20 for everything (there were a couple odds and ends not pictured here) but saved $60.
I wasn’t feeling too good about today because I spent so much (yes, I think  $20 is a lot) but written out, it looks pretty good. 😀

Update: The odds and ends were 3 kids books and 5 articles of clothing for me. That’s 14 items for 20 bucks.

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