Cloth diaper math, on the fly!

I was doing laundry and thought I would count the diapers in the load and do the math quickly. I am doing the math for the first time in the post, so if I am not clear, go ahead and comment. Then I can fix it or explain it better.

This load had 28 diapers and 8 “wipes” (I use wash cloths and don’t buy into the idea of needing special cloth wipes, but that is for a different post).

I figure for my toddler, disposable diapers cost, about, 30 cents a piece (some brands more, some a little less but for this post I am saying 30 cents). With that, because of water costs in the wash, it is about a quarter (25 cents) back in my pocket for each cloth diaper used.

In the case of this load, that is $7.00 back in my pocket (I am surprised it worked out that perfect, I didn’t plan that).

Wipes cost a penny or 2 a piece, depending on brand (I like Honest company and theirs are little more). At most that is 16 cent back in my pocket.

I make my own detergent and the cost per load is actually less than a penny, so we will round-up to the penny. The vinegar is probably a couple of cents a load (I have never figured out how much I use per load, it may be time to do that, a gallon of white vinegar only costs $1.50 at our local Costco), so we will say 3 cents for the math for now. A 30 ml bottle of lemon oil (that is about 500 drops) is 10 bucks through Plant Therapy and I use 2 drops a load. It is 2 cents a drop, that is 4 cents a load.

I need to subtract 8 cents for laundry cost.

Math: $7.00 + $.16 – $.08= $7.08

The total I save for this load with 28 diapers and 8 wipes is $7.08. Now I can go on the figure out per week savings compared to disposable but on the fly that feels like a lot. I will say I do at least 2 loads a week of diapers, some weeks 3 loads. It will depend on where the loads fall in the week (and if the little one has had an icky week 😛 ).

What do you think of my math? For us, $7.08 is about 2 dinners. It makes a huge dent. What about in your life? What would 7 dollars back into your pocket every couple of days do for you?



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