Empty EO bottle?

This is my short and frugal tip of the day.

Have an “empty” essential oil bottle?

Open the bottle all the way, including taking off the stopper and put it in a ceramic up.

Boil some water. Once it is boiling, pour the water in the cup. Make sure the bottle fills. Do just enough to cover the bottle.


Now place it in a room and it will diffuse the left over oil and you will still get the benefit from it.

When the water cools, I add it to my ultrasonic diffuser  and continue to use it.

Now the bottle is clean and ready for the recycle. Plus, you didn’t waste a drop! YAY!


17 thoughts on “Empty EO bottle?

  1. I put baking soda in an air-tight sealing jar or other container, then dump all the lids, reducers and their bottles in as I empty them. I give the container a good shake and then let it sit. As I add more bottles/tops, all the different oils get infused into the baking soda. After a few weeks or months, I strain out and brush off all the bits and put the soda into a repurposed cheese shaker container and use the fragrant soda on my carpets. The bottles get washed and reused for oil samples or gifts.

  2. I save them and put maybe 20 drops of the oil it’s labeled for and share it with others who are interested in trying it.
    Also, the ingestible oils or oils blend, I sometimes put in the hot water with my green tea bag and have a oily tea!
    Great ideas from all of you. Thanks for the suggestions. I really like the epson salt and baking soda ideas.

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