How I got my babies to sleep at night.

It is amazing what can inspire you to write. I have a beautiful friend, with a three-week old that still sleeps mostly during the day. I feel sorry for her. I never really had an issue teaching my 2 babies to sleep at night. That got me thinking, what did I do differently. So here is a short list on what I did and my attitudes on getting my newborns to sleep at night. I’ll add quickly that this is just a list of what worked for me. Pick and choose what you want or use none of it. This was simply me.

First, sleep was a top priority. It may not have been number one but it was up there. I know me and know how much I need. It.

Second, I hate swaddling and so did my babies. They were out of the womb and I didn’t want to imitate that experience. I would wrap them at night but during the day the only reason for a blanket was a really cold room or we were leaving the house.

Another was naked time, or limited clothes during the day. This is when common sense needs to kick in. I had a winter baby (January). I had to be aware that it was cold and I needed to adjust. The point is to have your baby a little uncomfortable during the day. You are not to torture them, but a little uncomfortable is ok.

Floor time was important from the beginning. It doesn’t have to be tummy time, just flat on the floor gives the baby a chance to stretch and use his/her muscles. A playmat is nice for this but a blanket is just fine.

Lastly, for the first several weeks, if not months, there were no naps in the crib or away from the activity or light (literally) of our living room. I did not hush people around the baby. The sleep during the day was never a hard sleep. I wouldn’t poke at her/him to keep them awake but I certainly wouldn’t go out of my way to make it quiet. Night time was really quiet and everyone could sleep soundly.

Now, this isn’t advice to get them to sleep through the night. My last baby didn’t sleep through the night until she was 14 months old, but when she got up, it was for 15 minutes to nurse and that was it. I can think of only a handful of times where my babies would wake up at night and want to play.

I hope this helps anyone who baby wants to sleep only during the day. Was there anything that you did to help your babies sleep at night? I would love to hear it.


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