Another bag! I need your advice!

Okay! So below is another bag made out of a feed bag! I like the design of this 10 times better. It is more functional and sturdy. I would be comfortable selling this one. Now I really need your input. Is there a market for this? Would you spend your hard earned money on it? How much would you be willing to spend? $5? $10? $15?

Here is a link to the original bag I made and the inspiration behind it.



3 thoughts on “Another bag! I need your advice!

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  2. I like this bag, very cute. I think if you are selling them, you should do it based off of how much time you put into it. Minimum wage I think is like $7.75 and hour so I would say you should sell it at the $10 or $15 price. Then I would also consider if you sell it at the $15 price donate some portion of the proceeds to a charity. That will get people to want to buy it for a little bit of a higher price. You can also tell them how much work it takes to make one. Hope this helps

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