Oct 5th Backyard Garden Tour


Welcome to my first garden tour. I think it is fun to see the set up before the growing season. So, here we go!
The first is right outside the back door. Amazingly enough my strawberries, in the pallet garden, are still blooming. I am certain there won’t be much more of that, though. The shepherds hook will hang what ever I feel like later. I plan on putting another rose plant below it. There is one rose and three blueberry plant in the bed.
This is my Back to Eden plot for next year. Not much to look at yet. Around January garlic and onion will go in it.
Here you can see the chickens. Mister got into with the dog so he is separated right now. I hear chickens heal fast, so I hope he will be back with the girls soon.WP_20131005_006
This is, also, right outside my back door. That is celery growing in the bed that I started from kitchen scrap. I should think about harvesting it but I am waiting for the next time I make soup. Would be wonderful.WP_20131005_005



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