A battle of the modern Christian woman…..

We fight many battles. This is one of mine.

I have always had a strong drive to be independent, to be strong, to not have to rely on anyone. This attitude in strongly encouraged by our modern culture. A successful woman is one that does not need anybody to survive. We must make our own way in the world in order to earn anyones respect.

We are told to not respect the man. They don’t deserve it and will keep a good woman down.

In truth, though, we are designed to live an interdependent life, not independent.

I need my husband! I love and massively respect him. He works hard everyday so I can stay home with the kids and be there for them. He sacrifices so he can provide for us.

Now I ask this modern culture, how does that not deserve respect?



3 thoughts on “A battle of the modern Christian woman…..

  1. Need, love, and respect your husband WITHOUT discounting yourself. You can need him, you should need him, but remember he needs you too! You raise 2 smart babies and run a household. I respect a woman who does that. That’s 24 hours a day…7 days a week…365 days a year…that takes dedication and patience.

    There is nothing wrong with being a proud wife. In a society where people moan and whine about what the don’t have praising your husband’s successes and how hard he works to get there is being a great wife.


  2. While I do agree that we as people are built to have interdependent relationships, I intensely disagree with your statement that society tells women that men are not deserving of respect and that they will hold a woman down. What do you base this on? Choosing to be an independent woman does not equal disliking men or considering them unimportant. Yes, society encourages women to be independent. I think this is a good thing. Not everyone has supportive wonderful husbands. I think I am a much better partner to my husband because I am independent. As our relationship has grown we have grown to depend on each other a lot, but in a healthy, wonderful way. Not everyone has that, and for the woman who is involved with an abusive or completely unsupportive partner, I think the ability and self confidence to leave and set out on her own is a strength.

    • I agree with everything you have said. I think, though, that we have become a more female centered society to the point that we do disrespect what a man needs at time. The only thing I have to support my statement is personal experience and observation.

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