In all fairness…… (Essential oil wars???)

*Update 9/24/15* I received an email from the blogger referenced in this article asking that I remove the post or remove her name and any quotes by her. The explanation for this is because DoTerra was cited by the FDA for making false claims (if you do a quick google search, you should be able to find the information. I am trying to quickly honor a request I don’t really have time for). In an attempt to try to bring itself into compliance, it is asking all it’s reps to delete all references to them that they posted. This is just another example of how this company doesn’t take responsibility for their actions but instead places the burden on the people they should be supporting. Every where you see *removed, is where this blogger commented or her name was in place. I’m sorry that you no longer get a fair article because of DoTerra’s unwillingness to be responsible. I feel very sorry for this blogger and the spot she was put in.

There is an awesome blog called *removed. I love reading about her adventures. Today she did a brave post called *removed. If you are into natural health care, you already know there is some fierce competition out their and a lot of mud-slinging. I responded to her post, saying, roughly, that I started with doTERRA but am leaving them for many reasons. I wanted to respect her request for no negative posts but would love to share with her my reasons. I got an email from her and then several others asking why. Well, I emailed them back but it was suggested that I post that email on my blog. So here I go. The following is the email I wrote. Your input is encourage but please keep your words nice and respectful.

I think it is appropriate and fair to share the response I got to the email. The following is my email and her point by point response in another color. What I love is that this is a conversation, no one is attacking or taking anything personal. We can have great conversations.

Hey Ginelle,

Thanks for the explanation. I’ll reply below– that way it will be easier, I think—> 





Hi *removed,

I am glad for an opportunity to get back to you. I am going to try to share what my reasons are. Know that there are a lot on little reasons on top of what I list here, that it is hard to remember all of them. I like to blame mommy brain on that one (I have a 20 month old).
My first point has always been shipping costs. Their shipping is outrageous. I am sure you have ordered a lot of things and had them shipped to you, so you should already know they are on the high-end of things. Any doing research on this, I have found that they say there is nothing they can do about but Fed ex and UPS response is that isn’t true. They are willing to work with them on it. When Sensaria was still in business, I was an IR for them and found I could offer my customers free shipping and just take a small loss. With doTERRA, if I was to do that the loss would be triple what it was with Sensaria. I feel (yes this is just a feeling) they are trying to make up loses else where with high shipping costs.


My second point as been addressed by doterra a little, and that was convention. The cost to go was reasonable. Where my issue lies is in how it has been handled if you bought tickets and couldn’t go. They were charging a $50 to $75 transfer fee to sell the ticket to someone else. That is way too high and then at one point they did say you were out of luck. Again, they have addressed this issue and I am very glad.
Next, was a facebook page fiasco. I had a facebook page for my business that they took down. They gave no notice, I was in compliance with their policy, just had the words in the wrong order. On top of that, they were very rude and uncompassionate about the situation. 
There is a question about the quality of their peppermint oil. Peppermint oil is distilled in 3 stages. The first stage in the most desired by the industry and contains the most desired properties. DoTerra uses what is called a complete distillation, and it is questioned why they do that. Also, peppermint is found to smell different then any other on the market, even different then the plant itself. Most oils emulate the plant they com from, why does doTerra’s peppermint not do that?
Lastly (or at least the last thing I can think of at this moment), is there extended line of products is of some concern. For example, the toothpaste contains a heavy metal that can lead to heavy metal toxicity. There other products do come into question. When I brought this up to my upline the response was (I am going to quote from the email I was sent) “And, we have never stated that the skin care or some of those other products were ‘all natural’.” 
WAIT a second, you’re a natural health company, who leaders (Mostly Dr Hill) talk about how important it is to lower your toxic load but then you sell products that contribute to that and respond like that. To me, that is shady behavior. There is a problem here. I am not sure if I am clear on that one.
I feel that doterra is going to implode unless there are some major changes, especially in leadership. My integrity is one of my most treasured “things” (next to Jesus and my salvation) and I guard it the best I can. I try to distance myself from things that my compromise that. I would love to hear your response on these things. I encourage you to do your own research on some of this also. What I am sorry for is that I didn’t keep track of my sources on this info. I would love to be able to site where I got it but I thought I was just doing the research for myself. Now, you are probably the third or fourth person I have had to share this with. 
Thank you for your time. I am sorry this is so long.
Yours in Christ-

25 thoughts on “In all fairness…… (Essential oil wars???)

  1. I bought a peppermint from Mountain Rose Herbs before I started using doterra. I actually never used it, so I went and smelled it after hearing about this peppermint distillation fiasco. To be completely honest, the mrh peppermint smells the same to me as doterra. Very sweet smell. I *think* I can tell them apart, but I’m not sure I could if I was blindfolded. I’ve also smelled YL peppermint that my friend had and it was very similar. Maybe I don’t have a good nose? Haha Just something for you to know, because everybody says that doterra is the only one with a sweet smelling peppermint. That has not been my experience.

  2. Oh, and I too am not a fan of shipping costs. For any online order. That’s a reason I’ve not bought from Mountain Rose Herbs for a while because their shipping is incredibly high. It was literally $13 to ship a 15 ml bottle of essential oil to the Midwest. Doterra has lowered the shipping by $1.50 for LRP orders placed online, which is nice.

  3. I’m glad they’ve lowered it some. I just checked and the lowest shipping I can get for one bottle is $8.49. It must have something to do with location.

  4. One of the reasons I too switched from doTerra was the shipping cost. One of my orders even came with postage due! And one of the oils had leaked. They promised to replace the oil, but I had to remind them 6-8 weeks later & they finally sent it. I found a company I really like & they have a first class USPS option, so my first order only cost around $3.00 for shipping AND there was no tax!!

  5. My biggest issue with doTERRA (and YL) is the lack of REAL, factual education. The reps are spewing half truths (unknowingly) and it is dangerous.

    • Totally agree. After doing some more of my own research, I find some of the things they tell customers scary. I had been using a lot of basil neat for anxiety at the advice of my upline. After doing research I came to find that it’s components can build up in the body and feed (possible cause) cancer if not used correctly.

    • Please be careful about saying things like ‘reps are spewing half truths’ and ascribe that to all independent product consultants for any of the EO companies. More often than not, people are doing their due diligence to become educated in the uses and safety of essential oils before they start sharing recommendations with other people. And if you have encountered that behavior in people, that is unfortunate but I really don’t believe it is the norm. On the flip side of that – each of us must do our own research for our own safe use of EO’s and not rely just on another’s personal experience or what they read online. If a friend or acquaintance suggested I try something from the drug store I could say the same thing perhaps about spewing half-truths if their product knowledge wasn’t up to snuff. It’s best up to me to do my own due diligence.

      • It took me a second to find what you were to referring to. I did not make the half truth comment, while I did agree with what the person had to say. I believe unsafe practices are encouraged to increase consumption and get people to buy more.

        I, also, believe we are all trying our best to do what is right. I believe that most reps are giving advice from a good, true heart. I have mostly not found fault with the rep them-selves, more with the company.

        To be honest, there is a faction of the essential oil community that has completely demonized everything, even sort of, connected to doTERRA and that is, also very wrong to do. There has been some good that has come from doTERRA.

        I agree that we need to do your own due diligence. Do your research. Go to the library. Google. Get to know your own body and pay attention to how your children are reacting to things (not just oils). Do not isolate your research to what is company approved but don’t be afraid of it either. Knowledge really is power, especially when it comes to your health.

      • Hi, I have stumbled onto this after reading the Essential Oil Wars, and would like to comment if that’s ok. I just learned about EO’s a month ago. Someone told me they can help with adhd (my daughter) so I went to a meeting. I would like to say the reps were all perfectly delightful, upbeat, wonderful women who literally made you think you could heal the world with essential oils. They were showing how you could drink them, flashing pictures of how they healed things (before and after) and about how you put them on your feet you put them on your neck you put them anywhere you want and they will just fix everything. Uhhh… ya…. not so much. But please keep reading and don’t take this as sarcasm… I’m trying to share my perspective and what I have learned thus far. I think they need to train their consultants better on explaining the dangers of these oils. Instead, all we heard was they care CPTG so they are safe! That they are the only pure ones on the market, which we know isn’t true. They neglected to tell my friend who bought the family physician’s kit that oregano is a hot oil, and it burned her 5 year old’s foot. They neglected to really make it clear that a very little goes a long way. I rolled so much balance and serenity on my wrists I literally got high while I was there. Not the effect I want for my 7 year old! They neglected to stress about the use of a carrier oil, the dangers of getting it in your eyes and nose, etc. They all believe in the reflex points in the feet when from what I have learned (and I’ve been reading about these nonstop for a month), is except the aroma drifting through the air, there is little to no absorption into the body through the feet. So, to sum this up, Doterra is horrible at educating their consultants, and I nearly became one that could have gone out and started selling, having no knowledge myself. In addition, their shipping costs are still outrageous, along with the 8% tax, and when I went to order balance and serenity I had to pass due to that. Instead I purchased them both, plus some deep blue rub samples off of amazon for 100.00, as opposed to spending 145.00 for the two blends plus a 35.00 consultants fee, plus shipping and handling for just the two blends. Now that I have described some of my problems with Doterra, I will say, I do think they have probably the highest quality oils on the market. I will continue to use them for certain blends, and deep blue, but for financial reasons I have started purchasing from a much cheaper competitor.

      • Thank you so much for your input. I am sorry about your experience with them. I found that the best source for non-bias information is the library. The science has not changed in 100 years, the distilling process has just gotten better, so even a really old book isn’t out of date. Good luck in your research.

  6. I followed you over from the comments on The Prairie Homestead. You may like this group – I have learned so much there and based on your concerns in this post, you likely would as well! There is a strict rule of no brand mentioning, so that takes that issue out of the equation and the information is safety-focused. There are also many clinical aromatherapists who are active and provide a wealth of information to the group. Hope it’s not too weird to make that suggestion, but I love that I found a place that shifts the focus off of the brands and onto the oils and educates me on how to use them with my family.

  7. Oh! And now I see that you already know about Learning About EOs. It’s the fb group “attached” to Lea’s blog. Gosh, feel free to not actually publish these in the comments. And you are welcome to e-mail me, too!

  8. I have been reading all of this and I have found Doterra on amazon with free shipping- FYI… I just bought the Family Physician kit for $120 and free shipping, a savings of $40 from the Doterra website!

  9. Here’s what I understand about selling on Amazon:
    As of now, the doTERRA policy is that a person who wants to sell on Amazon must give doTERRA a $1000 deposit and comply with several guidelines including agreeing not to sell below 10% lower than wholesale.

    Positives: gets the product out on the market and creates awareness

    Negatives: people think they can get the product for less on Amazon

    TRUTH: they cannot. if you have opened a doTERRA IPC account, you get another 10-30% back in product credit and are eligible for free product and incentives every month. AND, doTERRA does not guarantee that the product in doTERRA bottles is actually doTERRA CPTG essential oils. doTERRA does NOT sell on Amazon. It is 3rd parties that are doing that.

    The value of an IPC account and all the benefits that come with an account.

    • I was an IPC for about a year with doTERRA. While I think the cost is too much for very little benefit when it comes to being an IPC for them, I don’t understand why anyone would buy a product, when the company’s comment is that we can’t guarantee anything from that retailer. There is absolutely no safeguard buying it that way. At least if I bought it through doTERRA directly, I could go to them if I was unsatisfied. Buying their product through Amazon, you’re just screwed.

  10. Hey all- I am a fairly new Wellness Consultant with dōTERRA and fully believe in the products because of the things I have been able to use them for. I think that having a great upline really makes a difference. We help each other out with borrowing oils needed and sharing success stories of illness treatment. I’m sad that some of you had such dangerous contacts.

    Also, there is a new Shipping Rewards program where you get 100% back on shipping as LRP points. I pick the most least expensive option, Sure Post, pay $6.99 for shipping that is usually within 3-4 days, and get 7 LRP points back (equates to $7 of prv). If you do standard orders instead of LRP, you still get 1/2 back in points.

    I have also had multiple, amazing customer service experiences.

    I just wanted to share an update since this is about a year past most of the comments.

    Have a great day!!!

  11. This is fascinating. Are the “essential oils wars” still going on, or have things calmed down a bit?
    A family member is a doTERRA distributor, and I’ve known others involved with Young Living, so I’ve been exposed to a small degree.
    I was gifted a bottle of bergamot earlier this month from a lady who got it from a new-ish essential oils company. Have you heard of them? They’re called Mother E ( ).

    • The “war” is as hot as ever. People almost violently defend their company. It’s upsetting to me to see friends purchase from either Doterra or Young Living if for no other reason then they operate outside of regular safety considerations that normal aromatherapist follow. I have not heard of that company but that shouldn’t discredit them. I’ve settled into a routine and haven’t researched a lot in recent months. Have you done a simple google search to see what comes up?

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