I am sorry for my absence the last few days.

Last January, we pulled our son from public school. He was having a horrible time. He would come home crying every day. 😦 He was not thriving at all. Plus, some things happened with the school and his teachers, that I will not discuss here, Reclaimed Papa and I decided to pull him. We choose to homeschool him the rest of the year. I am glad we did. There was some healing that needed to be done and he had to be caught up in many areas.

Today, we sent him back to school, a different school. I am a wreck. Yesterday was horrible. He was doing great, though. He reminded me today that he is almost nine and will be fine. I will miss him a ton. It is so quiet here. I pray that he does well, makes friends, and has a great teacher.

So, if I continue to be absent, it is not because I don’t want to write. It is because I am still dealing with him being off at school.


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