Today the kids and I went over to my old neighbors and picked up some eggs. Only one of my chickens is laying so I still have to buy eggs. We go through about 3 dozen eggs a week when we have them. He sells his eggs at $3 a dozen, for pastured eggs that is a great price. I have seen them as high as $8.

I love being able to give my money to a neighbor other then the grocery store. Grocery store eggs are cheaper but there are wider implications that go beyond money for me.

First, there is the whole mistreatment of chickens. They are not meant to be kept in little boxes with their beaks and claws cut off, only being aloud to eat and lay. Even “free range” doesn’t mean much. Usually the chickens are kept in a small barn, at a huge density, with only a window for fresh air. While that may be better, it isn’t ideal.

Next, is how that money is divided up. My price point for a dozen eggs from the grocery store is one dollar a dozen. Now that dollar is divided up between the grocery store upkeep, the employees, the managers, the CEOs, and lastly the farmer (who then has to divide that up for his farm).

When I give my neighbor three dollars, he gets most of it. Yes, a little is used for chicken feed and flock upkeep but most of it is used on things he was going to spend money on anyways.

Now, who would you rather have your money, CEOs and broken into tiny pieces for employees and no name farmer (who is only getting pennies off the dollar anyway), or a neighbor you know? I pick my neighbor.

What do you think? What would you do? How do you feel about what I said?


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