Value Village 99 cent day

My favorite thrift store day in Monday.

It is $.99 day at my local Value Village.

Today the plan was to hoof it down there and check out what they had. I have found all kinds of great stuff at my local Value Village. I found a great pair of Lucky Jeans that I now wear all the time. I have found a perfectly good bread maker that I used a ton (I have since given it away because I discovered kneadless bread and stopped using it). I have found bestsellers and great gifts, all for $.99.

Now, even the most carefully laid plans can fail. My kids are usual 5AM kids. Today they slept till 8:30. Not complaining about sleeping in but if I am going to the sale, I would rather be there by 9AM when they open. Since we are walkers still, I need more then a half a hour to get ready and walk there.

I would say we can go next week but that will be labor day and it will be insane.

Does your local thrift store have regular sales? If not, you should ask.


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