Dinner this weekend….YUM!

Friday I made fajitas! Yum, right? Not so much this time. They were good but not great. The only thing that I did different was the way I marinated the meat before hand (note, vinegar is not a great marinade for fajitas). Needless to say no one really liked them. I tried to force it on everyone for the next night’s dinner and that was still a no go.

I hate wasting food and wasn’t ready to give this to the chickens. So instead I decided to make soup. I sautéed fresh peppers and onions , chopped up all the leftovers even smaller. I added the mexican rice and refried beans that I had also made on Friday and homemade broth from the freezer. And then, AWESOMENESS! It is killer soup.

Lesson, don’t give up on your food mistakes. Many times it can be rescued into something fantastic.

Was there a meal that you rescued recently? Dinner is a huge challenge for me, so I would love to hear what you have done.



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