I hate baby wipes!

I really hate modern baby wipes.

Have you thought about them in detail? Or have you compared them to using a damp wash cloth?

They are small paper squares. They are covered in chemicals that are meant to help clean, and never really do. I end up using a ton to clean something really small. Have you ever cleaned baby poo off a baby butt? One is never enough! Plus, if your baby has any kind of rash, they will really hurt your baby. And, with all that, you have to keep buying them, over and over and over again. They are just a little money pit.

Now a good wash cloth is always large enough. You can get it as wet or have it as dry as you need. There are no chemicals, just water. They can be as warm or as cold as you need. Baby wipes only come in one temperature, cold. You only ever need one to do the job, not a trash can full. You don’t have to buy them over and over. They are very washable and if you need to you can bleach them to get them really clean.

Is there something in life that is suppose to be more convenient but instead really annoys you? What is it?


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