Hit the road…

My poor hubby got in a fender bender about a week ago. No biggie! No one was hurt but that means we are down to one car for a little bit.

This is a great opportunity, though. Without a car, you are reminded of all the gifts God has given you.

The top of the list, is your feet. After a week, we really needed to go grocery shopping. While I could of waited till my hubby got home and went, instead we hit the road. I loaded the stroller with kids and everything, and hoofed it to my local grocery store. It is less then a mile away and it is a fairly flat trek, so off we went. We got $30.00 worth of grocery and made it home with no problem. We got exercise and didn’t use any gas. Now, that is eco-friendly. I forget how easy it is to just walk places. It saves you money and you can’t get much greener then your own two feet.

Since we are stuck at home, I find that we eat better. All the fast food places are too far for me to walk. Even if I decided to go that far, that eliminates one of the main reasons I do fast food, convenience. I hate cooking and love quick and easy. There is nothing quick and easy about walking a toddler a couple of miles just to eat. It is far easier to make something here.

Bonus, we are home and everyone is tired. That lends itself to a quiet and possibly productive afternoon.

What about you? Would you walk a mile to the grocery store?


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