Dive! the film

Not big on using trash or need some outward inspiration? Check out Dive! the film. It is on Netflix right now.

The film about is about food waste in American. This man feeds his family only on trash. He had so much excess, it was ridiculous. We throw away so much perfectly good food in this country. My family is getting better and better but we still have a long way to go. I try to use everything to it’s fullest potential.

You don’t have to do what this guy did. Dumpster diving might be a little extreme for some people. You can look at your own trash. What could you have used again?

Have you ever heard of “trash soup”? I know people call it all different things. What you do is save your leftovers in the freezer, like that half a cup of green beans or little bit of rice that isn’t worth saving. I use a old coffee can but you can use a baggy. When it is full, throw it in a pot with some good quality broth and a few fresh ingredients, and you have a killer soup. This is great for an easy meal on a week night.

What do you do or could you do to lower the amount of food trash you have (putting into the compost bin doesn’t count in this case)?


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