I may be absent today….

One of my passions is organizing. Is that weird? Maybe a little.

You may not be able to tell that from my house sometimes. There is a lot of clutter some days, but for me organizing is a visual thing. Think about what needs to be organized, lay it all out in front of you, then tackle the job. Even on my most cluttered days, I know where everything is. Just ask, I will find it. My father used to say I lived in an organized mess. He would come into my awful room, not be able to make heads or tails of it, ask me for something and I would go right to get it.

Anyways, back on topic. One of my best friend’s getting ready for a garage sale. She thinks she is organizationally challenged. I beg to differ. I think she does a great job, but whatever. Well, I am going to be heading to her house, kids in tow, to help her get ready for the garage sale. It works really well. I get to do something I love, organizing and reclaiming. She has 2 teenagers who will watch my kids, and we get to have some adult time. It may not be a girls night out or anything, but I still love it.

While I am gone, please share your favorite garage sale tips. Whether it is garage selling or shopping, I would love to hear it. Do you have a plan of attack? What about organizing advice for my friend? What do you tell people who think it isn’t their gift?


One thought on “I may be absent today….

  1. I don’t have much garage sale experience, but what I learned when I helped run a large one at my church a couple of years ago is that even the lowest-quality, nearly trash items may be valuable to someone. There were things I wanted to put straight in the dumpster instead of putting out for sale, but then I saw people pick them up off the tables and buy them. You just never know.

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