Why cloth diapers cause such passion…..

Have you ever had a conversation with someone about their diapering options? All I can say is WOW! People on either side of the cloth diapering issue get really worked up! I know I do it. I get so irritated with people who talk about cloth diapering and have never tried it.

Now you can say people worked up because poop is gross (and it is).

Or people get worked up because they don’t like dealing with bodily functions in anyways (which some don’t).

The truth is that I think it has nothing to do with cloth diapering at all. I think it is because people don’t like being told what to do. Either side is trying to tell you how your suppose to live your life.

If you don’t cloth diaper, you are contributing to the trash issue and wasting paper. You are a bad person for not caring about the environment.  You are a bad person for exposing your baby to all those chemicals. You are a bad person for thinking only about yourself.

If you cloth diaper, you’re a deviant. You are counter cultural and there is something wrong with you. And, oh yeah, you’re not clean because cloth can’t possibly be sterile. You must not have enough to do if your able to do all that laundry.

The lists go on.

Reality is that there are benefits and disadvantages to both.

You are not a bad mom for either choice. You are, also, not a better mom than anyone else for those same choices. You are you and that is beautiful.


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