The 3 Rs.

Do you remember the 3 R? I think they were really big back in the 90’s. People do like to revisit them now but I believe they were all over the place if you were an 80’s/90’s kid.

The question, now, is are they relevant today?

Of course they are. Maybe more relevant then 20 years ago. We seem to be too quick to do the last R and not think about the first two.

The first R, if you don’t remember, is reduce. That means to simply use less. Have you thought about that? I know I don’t think about it enough. I should try to use less more often. I need to look at something and think “do I really need this?” It may be neat, cool, yummy, beautiful, exciting, etc., but do I really need it. Am I going to use it everyday, almost everyday, at all?

This, very nicely, leads us to the next R, reuse. I LOVE reuse. I am pretty sure my saving of things drives my hubby a little insane, but he loves me and puts up with my quirkiness. Anyways, you or I have decided that we need that thing, whatever it maybe, but that doesn’t mean we have to buy it. Look around the house, do we have something like it already? Or is there something we can turn into it? Do we have the ingredients already on hand to make it from scratch? You know homemade is so much tastier than anything store bought, right?

We don’t have anything like it and can’t make it? Well, I guess we have to buy it. HHHMMMM…….. Have we tried the thrift store or garage sales? Maybe ebay or craigslist? If it is food, how about a farmer’s market?

There are so many ways you can apply the first 2 Rs. Do you have a different idea then I have here? Do you have an example of reducing or reusing in your own life? Please inspire us by sharing! Any story, now matter how small you think it is, is great and may inspire someone else.


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