I hate snot.

There is not much that grosses me out, especially after cloth diapering 2 babies. You get to deal with all kinds of craziness when you cloth diaper. Not that I would have it any other way.

But I hate snot.

If you think about it in detail, it is a texture thing.

Also, it never comes off. Have you ever gotten snot on your hands? It is impossible to get off. I can’t stand it.

I want to eliminate everything disposable, kleenex and toilet paper is even on that list.  When I think about it, I could live without toilet paper. It would take some prep work, but I could do it. It wouldn’t be hard and it wouldn’t be a stretch for a person like me.

I just can’t bring myself to use a handkerchief. The thought totally wiggs me out. You would think I would be ok with it. My dad used a handkerchief when I was growing up. It shouldn’t bother me but it does.

The point is that we all have “things.” Mine is snot. One day I may move past it. What is your “thing”?


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