Why I wanted chickens….

Chicken are the “in” thing to do right now.

Everyone seems to have a few or are talking about having a few.

They have even made the news. There is an article going around the web about all the chickens that have ended up in the humane society lately because “hipsters can’t handle them.” Plus, there are follow up articles about how untrue that is.

Chickens are a living being. They do take responsibility and a degree of respect. If you can’t offer those things, you shouldn’t have them. That being said, I think everyone can take care of chickens.

Why did I want chickens? Well, it comes down to one word, WASTE. I hate waste, wasting money, food, anything. I wanted something to do with all that waste and I wanted something for it.

Granted, without the chickens I was getting better and better at managing our waste. We cloth diapered. I saved veggies scraps to make broth. I would bury other food scraps in the garden. I would reuse containers from food. I save glass jars for all sorts of things. I would use grass clippings as mulch. In all this, I knew there was more I could do.

With the chickens, they get all food scraps. They get all garden scraps. We feed them all weeds and use grass clipping as bedding. Even after I make broth, they get all the processed scraps (unless it is chicken broth, I have a fundamental problem feeding chicken to chickens).

All the chicken manure goes in the garden. I have the best garden I have ever had. My sunflowers are feet taller then my house. My tomatoes and marigolds are HUGE. We will eventually get eggs too. We can easily go through 3 dozen eggs a week. The kids love them, my hubby loves them. Right now my chickens are about 16 weeks old. They are still a little young to be laying. I am hoping to be getting some in the next couple weeks.

Have you thought about getting chickens? What has kept you from doing it?


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