Why I Chose Cloth

I hope not to reblog a lot but this just captured why I started cloth diapering perfectly!

Bohemian Baby on a Budget

Most people assume I chose to cloth diaper because of my environmental activism…or to confirm some sort of self-righteousness within myself.

Truth be told, neither is true.
The truth is I was adamant about cloth diapering because I was cheap. That was my No. 1 reason. Yes, I could also tout the environmental impact of my decision or the health of my newborns’ rear-ends; but the salient reason is that I really can’t stand re-buying the same thing over and over again**. For me, it is the equivalent to listening to a skipping record.
I knew no one who had cloth diapered completely from birth until the potty-trained years. This meant I had to do research. There were all sorts of new vocabulary words thrown my way: Indian pre-fold, Chinese pre-fold, Snappi, Diaper Cover, All-In-One, Doublers, what did this all mean?!?
FORTUNATELY, one very self-less woman put together a series…

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