Would you throw your hat into a medical law suit?

There are a lot of problems with the medical system in America today. I could do my research and write pages on what is wrong and what we could do about. In truth, I am not sure anything would change, with any of the proposed legislation.

Anyways, I have had my own medical battles over the 8 years. Nothing serious, thank God but it has been enough to effect my quality of life and, at times, my marriage.

I have come to find out that a lot of it could of been the result of a pharmaceutical. Now, it is hard to say if that is fact. What I do know is that the issues I have been tackling, have all been listed as possible side effects of this one pharmaceutical.

For a couple days, I was angry (ok, VERY ANGRY). I wanted justice and those years and moments of struggle back.

Now, what I want is the system to change. I think the doctor weren’t informed properly by the company that made the pharmaceutical.

There is a class action lawsuit happening for this particular item. The question is, should I throw my hat in the ring? I don’t expect to get much from it. The nature of class action lawsuits is that no one but the lawyers get rich. I don’t want to get rich. But if the truth isn’t told, then things can’t change.

Is it worth the hassle, though? Would you do it? What are your thoughts on this sort of thing? Are people that participate in these lawsuits part of the problem or part of the solution? Does it make any difference?


One thought on “Would you throw your hat into a medical law suit?

  1. I have mixed feelings about it. Being part of a class action lawsuit does help harmful drugs get more public notice, and if it’s bad enough, it will stop being produced. You might not get a lot of money out of it, but just getting the word out would be good enough for most people.

    However, the list of possible side effects are included with every prescription, and so suing over something you (general you) had full knowledge of beforehand makes me raise my eyebrows. I know we all think that those side effects are things that happened to other people and that they won’t happen to us, and a lot of times, they don’t. But the fact of the matter is, sometimes we’re the exception, and not the rule. So suing over something that they told you might happen just seems unethical.

    With that said, I hate that every little thing in America is treated with a drug, and that there are harmful drugs out there that should stop being produced, yet it takes a big news event or lawsuit for that to happen. So take part in the lawsuit if you wish. It might help other people from having to go through what you went through.

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