Healthy suggestions that actually work (well, for me, at least).

Everyone is trying to get skinny, get in better shape, be healthier, or however you want to define it. I am as guilty as everyone else. I have been able to avoid some “health food” traps. No weird elixirs for me. There are a couple of things that I found really helps in the journey to get healthier.

The first one, if you haven’t figured out, are essential oils. They work WITH the body to heal and function, instead of trying to override what the body is suppose to do. I won’t dwell too much on essential oils now. That, I will save for later posts.

Second is drinking two liters of water every morning before anything else. That helps flush all the toxins out of the body that had built up over night. I couldn’t believe how much better I felt after trying this for awhile. The first week was the hardest for me. Once I got used to it, the way I felt was amazing. I will say it is a habit that is hard to maintain. Currently, I am not doing this, even though I know I should.

Third, is green smoothies or juice. When balanced right, I thought it tasted pretty good. I felt great and had amazing nails. They say to look at your nails and skin when judging your health. Well, my skin has always been a problem, but I have possibly found the source of the problem. That I will save for another post. While regularly drinking green smoothies my nails were AWESOME! No breakage and long!

Lastly, oil pulling. I love oil pulling. It has so many benefits. I won’t talk too much on the subject. There is a website dedicated to it and a wonderful book about it. What I will tell is that it helped my sinuses immensely. I could finally breath out of my nose. I have always struggled with my sinuses and oil pulling offered immediate relief.

What things have you tried to make you healthier? What worked? What didn’t?


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