Why did I choose to invest in essential oils?

I love all things natural. I think God was very intentional in His plan for this life. He had a plan for everything. He didn’t miss a detail. If you sit and watch nature, you will see it.

Well, we all have issues we are trying to address. Some are fleeting, like a cold or the flu. Some are life time battles, like mental illness. I have my own battles and was looking for some way to heal them. Doctors put me through all kinds of tests and medicines. They didn’t work or I wouldn’t really like my option. I have learned to follow my instincts on things and some treatments just didn’t feel right.

In comes one of my best friends, who just joined DoTerra. She loved it. She was seeing results and these were things that simply existed in plants. They are in the bottle exactly as they appear in the plant. I did a lot of research. I read stacks of books. I looked around online. Found studies that supported the results that I was seeing in my friend. I knew this is what I was looking for.

I think this may simplify my whole experience with choosing this route. I want to say this was God telling me that this is what my family needed but, in truth, I am not sure. I know things have changed since starting to use essential oils regularly. Through allergy season this year, I felt the need to use traditional allergy medicine only twice.  Most allergy seasons,  I have lived off of the stuff. I couldn’t function without them.

Now, the point is that for every problem we have, God has already created a solution. He knows His creation. He has already given us the answer, and sometimes that answer can be found in plants. That is why I choose essential oils.


One thought on “Why did I choose to invest in essential oils?

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