What does it mean to be reclaimed?

What does it mean to be reclaimed?

Reclaim is a complicated word. I talk about the definition, briefly, in my about page. It is something I have thought a lot about over the past few months. I love taking items and turning them into something useful, especially fabric. I have made many quilts, especially baby quilts. I can only think of 2 quilting projects I have done that I had to go out and buy new fabric. Whether that was necessary is debatable.

But what about beyond the things in life that we can reclaim? What about ourselves?

I believe I was reclaimed by Christ back in 2001. He had been there my whole exsistance but waited paiently for me to be ready to come to him. Then, reclaimed me as His own. I choose the word “reclaimed” over “claimed” because we are all born as His children and through life choices, things we are taught and experiences we have, we fall away. He takes us back, no matter what. There is nothing we can do that will keep Him from loving us.

More on my faith at a later time, though. This post is about what reclaiming is to me.

We can reclaim our health. Again, life is full of choices and I make a lot of bad ones, especially when it comes to food and exercise. I always seem to choose fast food. I love it. The golden arches call to me on an almost daily bases. There is nothing healthy about that. And I don’t exercise, out side of chasing kids. I know I should. It would be easier to keep up with them if I did. They would be happier and I would be happier, but I don’t. So reclaiming my health is a daily, hourly and some days, by the minute, choice. Some days I fail and others I go to bed feeling good about my choices.

You can reclaim your finances. You can choose to save, spend wisely or you can choose to spend all of it as you get it. Again, this is a battle I have every day. I think we all struggle with money in one way or another.

I want to reclaim my life and make it my own. I want to recognize that everything has a greater purpose and to respect that purpose. God created nothing to be thrown away, nothing without purpose. I hope to find that purpose.


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