How this got started…

How did this get started?

Well, the truth is, I am not sure. I have always been against starting a blog. There are a million voices out there. I didn’t want to add to the clutter.

BUT…… as life has gotten more complicated, I craved something simpler. I want to share what I know, what I have learned and what I am learning about a simpler life.

I have always been a little bit of a hippie. I enjoy that aspect of myself. And, unlike the perception a lot of people have of “hippies,” I find that it goes hand in hand with my Christian faith. As a Christian, I believe Jesus has called me to be good stewards of everything He has given me.

There were 2 moments of revelation for me. The first was when Reclaimed Boy was just a baby. I was in a store, buying disposable diaper when I came across a pack of cloth diapers (I may do a cloth diaper post later). The pack of cloth diapers cost the same as a pack of disposable and I could use them over and over again. That seemed far more practical them having to buy diapers over and over again.

The second moment was when I started couponing. I started extreme couponing in 2008. I was amazed at the money I was saving. As I researched, though, I found there were other ways to save more money. Those ways didn’t involve clipping coupons and searching store ads! It involved making stuff myself, using what I had, and thinking outside the box.

All this has grown into a lifestyle I love and want to share. I still have some huge vices and things I am working on. I am hoping you, my dear reader, will participate in this lifestyle, glean ideas off me, and give me new ideas I have never thought of.


One thought on “How this got started…

  1. You started with a bang. I have always respected the hippie in you. I guess that comes from my late 60s college life. You have always said that you should have been born during that time. But I feel God delivered you to this time in history for a purpose. I feel that purpose has shown through in your reclaiming the use of things and the challenging you do of others to follow. KEEP RECLAIMLING!

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